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A man and a woman relive moments of their lives transfigured on the landscape of a beach. Past, present and future merge in the cadence of the waters, which come and go revolving memories and old silences. So the characters go through a sort of trail of desire, leading the edge of the abyss of themselves, where all days born and die, the horizon of all passes, all eventides.

Eventide is an arthouse short, product of extensive experimentation with languages of film and visual arts, involving design procedures, painting and video-projection. The project took 5 years to complete and it was almost handmade, despite the technology involved. The film was released in September 2016 and is being selected and awarded in several international film festivals.

Type: Short
Genre: Arthouse/Experimental
Lengh: 20 minutes


Cast and Crew


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Screenplay and direction: Muriel Paraboni
Executive Production: Muriel Paraboni
Associate Producers:
Fabianne Freitas and Patrícia Lampert
Co-producers: Locall, Zerooito Motion and Ilha Flutuante

Cinematography: Fábio Del Re and Carlos Stein
Steady / Camera: Ricardo Nunes
Cameras: Diego Bertini and Rodrigo Viegas

Still: Danny Bittencourt
Making of: Rodrigo Castro

Art direction: Muriel Paraboni
Scenography: Zao Figueiredo
Woodwork: Jorge Ramos

Costume: Jade Primavera
Make up: Luana Zinn and André Trento

Cast: Fabianne Freitas
Coordination: Patrícia Lampert
Assistants: Anderson Israel, Fábio Osório and William Wendler
Set: Jorge Ramos and Thiago Lobato
Eletrician: Juán Quíntans

Edition: Muriel Paraboni
Post-Production: Luis Otávio Feldens
Additional Effects:
Carlos Julpa

Sound Design and Soudtrack: Carina Levitan
Sound Assistant: Matheus Mayer Almeida
Sound technicians: Daniel Roitman and Átila Viana
Musicians: Carina Levitan and Pedro Dom

Drawings: Anderson Neves and Eneida Aguiar
Poems: Muriel Paraboni and Reiner Maria Rilke
Off Readings: Leonardo Machado and Áurea Baptista

Awards and Selections

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“Eventide” is being awarded and official selected in several international
film festivals since its release, in september 2016.


Special Jury Award – Outstanding Directing
12th Blow-Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival

Honorable Mention
Experimental Forum Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA

Runner-Up – Best Experimental Film and Best Original Score
BFA – Bucharest Film Awards – Bucharest, Romania

Best Experimental Short and Best Sound Design
FICOCC – Five Continents International Film Festival – Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Nominee – Best Experimental Short Film
Short to the Point International film Festival – Bucharest, Romania

Best Experimental Short and Nominees for Best Cinematography
and Best Original Score

TMFF – The Montly Film Festival – Glasgow, England

Award Of Excellence – Experimental Film
The IndieFEST Film Awards, San Diego, USA

Best Experimental, Runner-up for Best Film and Nominees for Best Director,
Editor, Cinematography and Original Score
17th edition Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest – Bucharest, Romania

Nominee – Best Sound Design
The Artists Forum Festival of the Moving Image – New York, USA

Best Experimental Film
Largo Film Awards – Switzerland


Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival – Hong Kong, HK
14th Festival International Signes de Nuit – Paris, France
Los Angeles CineFest – Los Angeles, USA
Ibiza CineFest – Ibiza, Spain
5th Speechless International Film Festival – Minnesota, USA
Exeter International Film Festival – Exeter, England
Milan VOD Film Festival – Milan, Italy
LemoArt Gallery Film Competition – Berlin, Germany
SIFF – Stockholm Independent Film Festival – Stockholm, Sweeden
Maykop International Film Festival – Maykop, Russia
4th Figueira Film Art – Festival de Cinema da Figueira da Foz – Figueira da Foz, Portugal
Mostra do Cinema Brasileiro de Viena – Viena, Austria
Moving Pictures Festival – Nieuwmoer, Belgium
Кіномаршрут Cinemaway Festival – Lviv, Ukraine
International Short Film Festival Beveren – Beveren, Belgium
IV Cinemistica Festival – Granada, Spain
London Experimental Film Festival – London, England
Arthouse Asia – Kolkata, India
San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival – San Mauro, Italy
9th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival – New York, USA
Near Nazareth International Film Festival – Afula Hamore, Israel
CineAutopsia – Bogotá Experimental Film Festival – Bogotá, Colombia
Eneagrama International Experimental Short Film Festival – Córdoba, Argentina
Feel The Reel International Film Festival – Glasgow, England
Night of the Short Film – Antuerpia, Belgium


Instituto Ling – Porto Alegre (Brazil Premiere)
ShortCutz Santa Catarina – Joinville (Official Selection)
Mostra Conexão das Artes – Dois Irmãos (Special Screening)
10th Curta Cano Frio – Cabo Frio/RJ, Brazil (Official Selection)
CineBancários – Porto Alegre (Special Screening)
APUSM – Santa Maria (Special Screening)
33 ArtHouse – Joinville (Special Invited)
Sarau com Café – Taquara/RS, Brazil (Special Invited)
CineClube Torres – Torres/RS, Brazil (Special Screening)
Fundação IBGE – Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil (Special Invited)
Cine Tornado Festival – Curitiba/PR, Brazil (Official Selection)

Director´s Bio

IMG_9803_Muriel Paraboni Troféu_cor correc_by Marcus Jung_1019x637

Muriel Paraboni is a filmmaker and visual artist. “Myopia” (2002), his short film debut, was part of the official selection in the main Brazilian festivals such as Brasilia, Gramado, Cuiabá, São Paulo, Maranhão and Juíz de Fora. It was awarded in Recife Festival in 2013 as best film, script, direction, photography and editing, and best short in 16mm and actor (Julio Andrade) in APTC Award. With background in theater and arts, Muriel´s productions has strong visual emphasis, marked by language and aesthetic experimentation, combining poetry and abstraction with existencial issues.

Also poet and painter, received the revelation author´s prize at the 50th Porto Alegre Book Fair for “Ambivalence,” his first book in poetry, and participated in exhibitions with works in painting, collage, photography and installation in cities such as Porto Alegre, Novo Hamburgo, Santa Cruz and Caxias do Sul. As scriptwriter, received in 2003 the Santander Award for Development of Feature Film Projects for “Saint Bernardo” and had the script “After the Nausea” selected for the Scripts Competition at Havana Festival 2006. Both projects are in development.




“Poetic and beautiful, rich with imagery.” ~ Eric Ouren
Speechless Film Festival, Minnesota – USA

“Beautifully done film about memories and regrets. Colour changes mark
the speaker’s struggles and the text is wonderfully poetic.”
~ Donna Casella
Speechless Film Festival, Minnesota – USA

“Beautifully shot and graded, with masterfully framed and powerful visuals,
´Eventide” is a lyric personal reflection on life and the revision of one´s convictions.
It is one of the most poetic films TMFF has hosted so far. ” ~ Vlad Dorofte
TMFF – The Montly Film Festival, UK
“Art lovers will love it! Outstanding vision!” ~ Vlad Dorofte
TMFF – The Montly Film Festival, UK 
“A speech that awakens the senses… A chromatic game
that investigates in the man…” ~ Veruska Cumana

FICOCC – Five Continents Film Festival, Venezuela
“Eventide is a wonderfull work, a necessary film.” ~ Manoel Polls Pelaz
IV Cinemistica  Festival, Spain
“Muriel Paraboni is a great director, very  talented,
no one can say the opposite!” ~  Jerzain Ortega

is the result of a long depuration of ideas, experiences and artistic references. The intention was to make a film in which the story is diluted in water movements, slow and steady, coming and going between the landscape of the beach and the very heart of the characters represented by the inner of the house. The main inspiration is undoubtedly “The Mirror” of Andrei Tarkovski. All these subtle marks that the members of a family leave in each other through the ages, memories, fears, silences, resentment, perplexities are what the film is about .

The choices for the poetic language and the general almost abstract aesthetic are due to the universe of the arts and theater in authors like Beckett and Bob Wilson, but also to abstract painting and still contemporary photography, which brought form, emotion and meaning to the play of colors that animates the scenes. Eventide is, above all, a poetic look on being, an attempt to dive in the deep human feelings and in the extreme transience of our experiences, exploring the potentials that the languages of cinema and the arts has to offer as a whole, working in the same conceptual direction.

Muriel Paraboni