Director´s Bio

IMG_9803_Muriel Paraboni Troféu_cor correc_by Marcus Jung_1019x637

Muriel Paraboni is a filmmaker and visual artist. “Myopia” (2002), his short film debut, was part of the official selection in the main Brazilian festivals such as Brasilia, Gramado, Cuiabá, São Paulo, Maranhão and Juíz de Fora. It was awarded in Recife Festival in 2013 as best film, script, direction, photography and editing, and best short in 16mm and actor (Julio Andrade) in APTC Award. With background in theater and arts, Muriel´s productions has strong visual emphasis, marked by language and aesthetic experimentation, combining poetry and abstraction with existencial issues.

Also poet and painter, received the revelation author´s prize at the 50th Porto Alegre Book Fair for “Ambivalence,” his first book in poetry, and participated in exhibitions with works in painting, collage, photography and installation in cities such as Porto Alegre, Novo Hamburgo, Santa Cruz and Caxias do Sul. As scriptwriter, received in 2003 the Santander Award for Development of Feature Film Projects for “Saint Bernardo” and had the script “After the Nausea” selected for the Scripts Competition at Havana Festival 2006. Both projects are in development.